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Responsive Web Design Features

As smartphones and tablets are built with more processing power, storage and memory, the traditional boundary between desktop and mobile platforms is increasingly blurred. In fact, entire operating systems and applications are built to perform on both platforms... read more

Demystifying HTML5 and CSS3

In the simplest of terms, HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the programming language that creates Web pages. It was invented in 1989 as a way to link articles to one another either locally (on one computer) or across a network. Its simplicity and flexibility made it... read more

The Purpose of a Sitemap

A sitemap or an XML file is a search engine optimization element that often remains underestimated. The purpose of a sitemap, however, is to speed up the indexing of a website and to ensure its good positioning among search engine results. Sitemaps are very easy to... read more
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