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Having a modern and functional website is a necessity for small businesses and companies that want to reach a large audience and maximize their income generating potential. Luckily, today you have a number of web development options to choose among. As a Toronto website design expert, I am ready to suggest some of the best possibilities.

Custom Website Development

Custom website development results in unique and user-friendly websites. Core Web Designs of Toronto takes into consideration all of the client’s requirements for the creation of their website design. Custom-made websites are perfect for specialized niches and for large projects. The attention to detail and the individual approach result in websites that attract the right target audience and that deliver optimal performance.

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Wordpress Website Design

WordPress Website Design CMS

Content management systems (CMS) like WordPress have simplified the process of website development tremendously. Such solutions are both affordable and professional in appearance. WordPress websites are perfect for simple, content-based websites and for larger projects that may have an ecommerce element. WordPress started as a blogging platform but it has achieved a lot of growth over the past few years. A number of high quality websites are developed via WordPress. The WordPress CMS is user-friendly and even individuals that have no prior experience in web design will be capable of updating the website and maintaining it in excellent condition. The numerous features, the endless design possibilities and the excellent search engine optimization (SEO) tools have increased the popularity of WordPress website development possibilities.

Joomla Website Design CMS

Joomla CMS is an open source software designed for the easy creation of websites. Developers from across the globe have contributed to the expansion and the modernization of Joomla, which turns the option into the perfect one for the creation of a modern, yet inexpensive website. Joomla CMS allows you to do a number of website modifications. As a Toronto web design expert I know that I can rely on Joomla because of its simplicity and professional appeal. With a Joomla CMS, you can create new website pages, edit the existing pages, add pictures and text. Building a new website page with Joomla will require only a couple of hours, which differentiates this system from custom website development.

Joomla Website Design
Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

Responsive web design is a concept that gained a lot of popularity in 2013. Its aim is to make the website easy to view regardless of the device used – a computer, a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet. Responsive web design aims to minimize the scrolling and the re-sizing of the website, regardless of the size of the screen. Responsive web design is also called adaptive web design because the website “adapts” to the environment. Responsive design became exceptionally popular due to the wide usage of mobile devices. I understand the importance and know how to make the website elements change in accordance to the size of the screen. Companies that want to attract an audience that uses mobile devices should definitely consider responsive web design.

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