Website Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance

When was the last time you updated or upgraded your website? Does the control panel intimidate you? The failure to do effective site maintenance could interfere with performance and it may result in a range of security risks.

Instead of wondering and worrying about it, you should most definitely consider outsourcing the process. Professional WordPress website maintenance gives you peace of mind and helps you rest assured that your audience is benefiting from optimal performance.

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Website Maintenance Services

Website maintenance services are tailored to your website. Below is a list of the general tasks you would want done on a regular basis. Depending on the specifics of your website, you may want to choose more services.

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Wordpress Software Updates

WordPress is an open source project. This means that it evolves and improves all the time. By doing regular software updates, you’ll be making sure that your website loads fast, that it’s properly optimized and that it’s protected against security threats.

Plugin Updates

The very same applies to the plugins that have been added to your WordPress website. Their performance will depend on having the latest versions installed.

Broken Link Checks and Repairs

Professionals in the field will do regular checks for broken links that could potentially discourage your audience from exploring the website.

Website Backups

Even if you’ve done everything in terms of guaranteeing security, problems could still occur. Regular monthly backups are needed to protect all of the website information in the case of technical issues or hack attacks.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Don’t feel comfortable with Google Analytics? Confused about the tons of data that you’re being given access to? We’ll go through all of this information instead of you and give you access to a summarized and easy to understand report.

Uptime and Downtime Monitoring

By having an idea about uptime and downtime, you can make important decisions about hosting, changing the performance and guaranteeing the continuous running of your online business.

And More

Clients that choose our WordPress website maintenance services will get access to several other extras. Sometimes, problems and conflicts could occur after an update. It’s our job to identify those promptly and seek the most effective solution.

Choose the Solution that will Help Your Website Grow

The technical performance of the platform is of paramount importance for effective SEO. Every error or system conflict will affect speed and functionality. If your website’s performance is poor, you’ll be penalized by search engines and the audience will look for information/products elsewhere.

Site maintenance services should be chosen on the basis of your individual needs. This is why Core Web Designs has a medley of plans. Each website maintenance program is tailored to the needs of a specific business.

Website maintenance is just as important as effective SEO and doing social media marketing. Instead of struggling with it on your own and doing a mediocre job, consider outsourcing the process. Such solutions are cost-effective and they have a very high ROI.

To get the best results, you have to choose the right professionals for the job. Give us a call today to have your questions answered, learn more about our experience and determine which set of site maintenance services will be ideally tailored to your needs.

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